Among the various types of home there are several arranged on  more plans : apartments in floor ground with local tavern and accessories on the basement apartment connected to a floor attic or a roof to floor higher , houses a row of more levels and houses independent earth / sky. Different houses in their conception and design, but which have many aspects in common which, in our opinion, represent the concrete advantages of living in a multi-level home        executive condo west singapore.

What are the benefits? We tell you why a multi-level house represents an opportunity to be carefully evaluated.


In a house in which, for example, living room and kitchen are on one level and the bedrooms on the upper level, you get a clear subdivision between the area day and zone night . The rooms will therefore be in a more private position , in which the noises from the floor below will arrive muffled, with the advantage therefore of having more privacy and isolation . Here the rooms can be designed in detail to accommodate the children’s study area or a desk for your work from home. And if you need some relaxation on a busy day, oneRoom floor higher is an oasis of peace and tranquility.


By arranging the sleeping area on the upper floor , you will also have greater privacy : any guests will access the house from the ground floor and will be welcomed in the living area, without the bedrooms having to be seen.

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