Attorneys can offer legal counsel via email and they will reply in writing. Take a look at the information below before contacting us for a consultation. The article provides important details on our policies and the services we offer. Our team is always available to assist you with any concerns and we’re thrilled to be able to provide support to our customers anywhere within the US!

This service is priced for various reasons. First let us be transparent: Our legal consultation through email service will require the payment of a fee. This process involves sending questions with an attorney paying for the service, and seeking guidance. What makes this service cost anything anymore? Our initial email consultation service was offered for no cost. But, we ran into these issues:

  • We could not respond on every request due to the small size of our team and the sheer volume of inquiries.
  • No-fee questions are often of low-quality. Since there is no charge to pay, people send in unnecessary inquiries which reduce the quality of their answers and slowing down moderating.
  • Slow response times: The number of emails that were not answered was so high that, in the majority of Tu van phap luat thua ke cases, it took as long as a whole year for a reply.
  • Quality of advice decreased: Taking on multiple questions simultaneously caused a decrease in the quality of consults.

The world is not with a freebie. Each service, even daily activities like transportation or drinking water has a costs. When you want to become an attorney it takes 4 years at the university level, followed by one year of internship and training and difficult administrative procedures. Why do they continue to give consultations free of charge? By using the paid legal consultation via email by Luat Duong Gia, you’ll receive:

Legal Consultation

  • Quick consultation: After the submission of your request and an payment, our attorneys will immediately respond your concern and take care of it.
  • Complete and accurate advice: The response is determined by precise legal regulations, including necessary citations.
  • Resolution: a commitment to address the problem on its basis, with concise, simple advice that can be used on the job.

Lawyers with experience will be able to answer all your inquiries: You’ll be assured that your queries will be answered by lawyers who are experienced and able to provide advice regarding your specific concerns. To access the paid legal consultation service via email, you need to follow the process below: The first step: Please send your consultation request to the email address:, including the following information:

  • Confirm that it’s a request for consultation via email and it’s a fee
  • Your full name
  • Phone number to contact

Details of the question you need advice on The second part is paying for the consultation service. Third step: After you have sent us your query, and paid the payment on the Hotline (0989.914.898), please call us to confirm the information of the payment as well as your consultation request. The consultation will begin process as soon as the confirmation process is completed. In the end, you’ll receive an email response by the lawyer, with a detailed recommendations within 24 to 48 hours after the confirmation process is completed. The consultation findings to help you solve the legal issue. Phone the hotline number at 1900.6568 to get advice on your legal matter. The service is free of charge and does not require the payment of any extra consulting fees beyond the phone cost. Luat Duong Ga’s representative offices are within Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Visit us at our nearest office for advice and assistance. Luat Duong Ga is the ideal choice for legal consultations.

  • We have a team of attorneys with years of experience to provide thorough legal assistance on any subject.
  • With offices in more than 10 countries, and an expansion lasting more than 10 years, we offer a variety of legal services that can be used in a convenient way.
  • Luat Duong Gia always puts customers first and treats problems with them as our own obligation.

Services that are diverse, from phones and email to online consultations. This ensures ease of use and effectiveness for all customer needs. Luat Duong Gia encourages customers to take advantage of online consultations. He emphasizes that telephone consultations provide basic legal assistance and the client is accountable to pay for phone calls.

Luat TNHH Duong Gia is one of Vietnam’s most reliable legal service suppliers. Duong Gia, founded in 1995, has expanded and expanded its reach, having branches throughout Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City as well as other important cities.

Luat Duong GIA, under the banner “Leadership-Pioneering” will strive to offer online and in-person consulting services and click this site It as well, participates in litigation. is a court representative and carries out administrative tasks on behalf of customers. Duong Gia’s core values are dedication, professionalism and trustworthiness.

For the purpose of bringing legal education to people of every socioeconomic class The firm doesn’t just provide its assistance to clients with high incomes, however, it also offers services to people and organizations who require assistance and guidance. One of the major milestones is that a complete online consultation facility was created, which makes the possibility for anyone to obtain legal aid regardless of which part of the world they reside in or what their circumstance of economics.

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