Sunseap is a reliable electricity retailer by the Energy Market Authority. This company has established itself, in the electricity market, as a clean and renewable energy provider. Read further to find out how it assures the best electricity tariff singapore.

What makes Sunseap the best choice?

Electricity retailers always aim to provide the best choice to their customers according to their needs. Sunseap helps in the preservation of the environment by providing reasonable rates to the people. If you use Sunseap, for every kWh of solar energy consumption, you displace a kWh of electricity from the generator. Customers will get the same grid reliability from the grid operator, but this time with the use of eco-friendly sources.

  • Sunseap has a transparent system in which customers get what they pay. If there is any variation in the cost price, they notify the customers beforehand, so they can be prepared. They have a fixed rate of price on their solar energy.
  • They provide large-scale projects with no compromise on quality.
  • They have established themselves as the leading clean energy source in Singapore.
  • Their energy saver plan has 1% solar energy at the contract of 6 months. They don’t ask for any security deposits, and the customers don’t need to pay for the transmission loss making them the best provider of energy tariff Singapore.
  • Customers also get 100% solar energy at the contract of 6 months. Their rate is $ 0.4494/kWh after the inclusion of GST, and here also they don’t ask for any security deposit or charge for transmission loss.

Contact Sunseap, if you want to get reasonable rates for your solar panels.

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