Grown-up feline and canine fleas prefer to eat pets instead of people. The pets are better to the ground and also have warmer body temperatures than people. Second selection would certainly be kids– particularly babies and toddlers. Female fleas will probe and bite and standard of 7 times in a grouping prior to locating a blood vessel in the skin. The saliva they leave with each bite can cause a local allergy flea allergy dermatitis or TREND as we call it in the veterinary world. After eating large quantities of blood, the female flea down payments her eggs and droppings flea dirt which is composed primarily of undigested blood. Both the eggs which are white and also concerning the size of a grain of salt and the droppings which are black and look like ground pepper, often in the shape of a comma decline off the pet’s layer as well as spread out all over the setting.

Bellow’s a fast home-test to see if your pet dog has fleas: Lay out a white piece of butcher paper as well as bridegroom your pet for a few mins as they stand on the paper. Do you see any black, comma-looking points versus the white paper? If so, put a decline of water on it. If it’s flea dust, the water will certainly transform pink.


Flea eggs stay in the setting for variable quantities of time as well as are not damaged by extremes in temperature level or by pesticides. When correct problems exist, the eggs hatch out and also launch little white larvae. These larvae are not able to get around as well as need to count on the undigested blood left in the droppings for their food source. Larvae are extremely vulnerable to extremes in atmosphere, pesticides, as well as insect growth regulators. Within numerous days the larvae rotate a protective cocoon called a pupae around themselves. The pupae are really resistant to all but vapor cleansing as well as can lie inactive for numerous months to years. The pupae are the main stage that over-winters in the environment. When problems agree with warm and wet, the pupae launch young person fleas as well as the cycle is complete. The size of the бълхи flea life process can differ from a little as one month to as lengthy as two or 3 years.

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