Do you understand whatever power is? Everything has regularity, a resonance. Everything remains in a state of vibration, motion. Every body organ and cell in our body is in a state of vibration, each body organ has its very own frequency. Every little thing in the universe has regularity, vibrating, in motion. As humans, we have actually expanded conditioned in ways where we neglected this, though quantum physics is starting to reveal us, clinically, that whatever has a vibration, a frequency. It also reveals us that we are attached to all things. We also easily forget that we are connected to all things and to one another. How often in your day to day routines, do you take a moment to bear in mind that you are a part of the internet or circle of life? You belong of nature, linked in this web of life, breathing with each other as one.

We have actually been shown we are separate from nature, from our resource, from each other. From the beginning of our lives, most of us are told that we fell from God, that we are separate from our Maker. Exactly how can we drop from a Source that is pure Love? A Love accepts and also interweaves itself through everybody and also all things. It is time to reconnect to the Love and Tranquility that is constantly there for us to accept, and of which waterfall sounds we are a part. A part of our individual and global healing is to reconnect, with the breath, with our hearts, with nature, with one another, with our Source and with all that is

An initial step to reconnecting is to keep in mind your link with nature. Nature provides you with all that you need. Nature offers food, sanctuary, nutrients, and elegance.  And, you are comprised of the same elements that are discovered in nature. Think about the water that composes a large component of your body, the air that you take a breath, the earth component of the physical elements and heartbeat and also productive ground within, and the fire, the circuitry that triggers your body right into movement. You might have listened to the incantation Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, and fire my spirit.


Yet, we people take from and destroy the very source of life that nurtures us in many methods. We deal with the earth in a comparable fashion as a cancer cells draws from and consumes at the body until it exterminates its host. We should remember our link to nature of which we are a part. We should alter the damaging course we get on and learn to reside in unified means. We will certainly start to take this action with the vehicles that are easily readily available to each people, sound and also the breath.

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