Understudies who are not truly sitting in a homeroom to get their schooling are shown utilizing technology based educational frameworks intended for remote access. This framework is known as distance learning or distance training. Understudies and educators speak with one another through printed materials or electronic media or utilizing a technology that gives continuous interchanges. Distance learning involves standard mail for correspondence. Continuous or disconnected web assets are additionally utilized in this framework. TV or radio is utilized to make instructive transmissions to arrive at the understudies of distance learning. For-benefit foundations, non-benefit associations, public and privates establishments are offering degree projects and courses in distance learning.  There is shifting degree of authorization for such foundations. The distance-learning program was extraordinarily helped in the 20th hundred years by utilizing Web, TV and radio.

Despite the fact that the presence of an understudy is not necessary in that frame of mind, with the coming of technology, actual presence or absence of it has turned into a choice. In distance learning, electronic classrooms can be delegated off grounds or nearby. It is known as foundations utilizing a method of conveyance, which is adaptable quais as principais caracteristicas da sala de aula invertida.  By and large, understudies really do sit in conventional classrooms and they are associated with an educator in a far off study hall through videoconference. This technology builds the force of educating and learning. During its set of experiences, distance learning has gone through the experience of four to five unique techniques for showing utilizing the technology accessible around then. The technology that was utilized were print, video or sound transmissions, video chat utilizing video or sound technology, guidance helped by PCs and PC based telecom. In emerging countries, the radio is utilized for distance learning and viewed as an extremely strong medium.

In India the virtual college and distance learning focuses use FM broadcasting which is exceptionally well known among the understudies. In distance learning both full time and part-time examinations are conceivable yet the majority of the understudies lean toward part-time investigations. Despite the fact that distance learning is presented at different levels, it is the most well-known choice for college level investigations. Distance learning is otherwise called correspondence courses since the instructor and the understudy related through the normal mail. For youngsters living in distant regions optional and essential schooling programs are accessible. Testing material created problems for distance learning right from its beginning. The issue happens when the understudy needs to finish the task and go through testing. In distance learning an understudy is totally eliminated from management during the assessment time frame.

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